Access Marketing offers our clients a variety of product choices for their hotel or event. Our core products are our hotel key cards and hotel key folders, but we also offer a host of other products.

We enhance the look that hotels offer their guests: Daily use hotel key cards and the hotel key envelopes/folders that hold them. In addition, we help event planners with customer meetings, reunions, weddings, trade shows, or conferences – we have a product that can enhance any of these!

Each of our products provides our clients with a highly visible vehicle for important messages, information and branding.


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Here is a great video with a review of all our products – just 1 minutes, so enjoy!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our customers’ choice … Choice of products, choice of price points, choice of styles. These choices allow our customers to choose the product that best fits their business, budget and project needs. To assist with that, we pride ourselves on the personal attention we give our customers to choose the right product for them and assist them with our market knowledge.

We try to understand each and every customer’s needs and help direct them to the product that makes the most sense for them. This may range from a photo on the hotel key card to a simple logo on the hotel key folder.

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Access Marketing Extends Green Offering

Access Marketing recognizes the industry’s movement to Green products to support the environment.  We offer several options for key cards, as well as key folders with recycled content. We want to work with you to see how to best help the environment with these products, while also balancing budget constraints.  For more information on our line of green products, see our Green Products Page.